Modern learning

Modern learning combined with eLearning

At Wairakei Primary School we believe in the benefits of a modern blended learning environment where digital tools stand alongside pen and paper in our learning journeys. We provide digital tools for all classrooms in our school - each senior class has at least 10 desktop computers and 4 iPads. Our junior classes have 8 iPads. Every student has access to video and sound recording tools with which to make their final presentations of their inquiries.

As part of our modern learning environment being employed thought out the school we use “Learn it Prove it” as part of our curriculum. Students are able to access multiple ways to learn a concept. These may include

  • Workshops held by teachers

  • Video links

  • Apps

  • Practice times

The learning for literacy and numeracy is linked to our school progression that is visible in the classroom and is monitored by the students. The progressions form the basis of regular goal setting for all students. This is feedback to parents as part of our reporting to families. Goal are reset by the students on a regular basis.

Our students can then present their own understanding based on a set of shared criteria and their own understanding. Final presentations can be in any form however many are choosing to make visual presentations that are then linked to the school interactive website.

“Learn it, Prove it” also enables our learners to become the expert and to teacher others within the class. They are able to book in a personal workshop to teach others in the class or on a video link.

Our senior school students use personalised timetable to monitor their own learning throughout the day using a mixture of teacher assigned workshops and practice opportunities.

Our year 4-6 children all have GAFE (Google) accounts so they can collaborate together online and have personal learning blogs. The school also uses Harpara to monitor student achievement and progress.

Special apps for learning are deployed across the school to our iPads and form the basis of our learning programmes.  We also access assistive technology for some students who may find the traditional use of pen and paper hard to manage.

In 2015 some rooms have also begun to offer an optional where students can bring their own devices to school. This is governed by our 'Bring your own device' to school policy.


Modern Learning Furniture Rose, Georgia and Gypsy

We have four green round tables,

two blue longish connecting tables,

six high blue table chairs,

19blue working chairs,

a blue high table,

two blue stools,

two green stools,

three yellow dots,

and three orange dots,

two blue half circles,

one blue tote tray set,

and one green tote tray set,

and one orange bean bag.

Our new furniture is awesome. We use it all the the time. The high table is very popular and quite gossipy. The bean bag is the best new object. Everyone is adoring the new furniture. When the furniture truck arrived everyone was excited. Our new furniture is way easier to use. I recommend it to all schools and all classes all over the country. Having this new furniture makes the old desks so plain and dull. The new furniture is colourful and exciting. Now it is fun to sit on the mat. We sit on the colourful dots and stools. The furniture is absolutely fabulous.

by Gypsy