Using Personalised Learning

In 2015 we have been researching what learning means to us as a school. We started why looking at the Simon Sinek “Start with the Why” (Ted Talk) to help us define why we need to look at any change in our school curriculum.

We had identified that we had members of the cohort school that were not retaining the learning or making a normal year’s academic growth.

Our senior leadership team led the way. We took two concepts and created golden circles to refine and define our thinking before we started this journey with the whole school.

In December 2014 we developed the first prototypes for our core learning aspects. We started with Personalised and Authentic learning.


Wairakei Primary School Personalised learning


Wairakei Primary School Authentic learning

These diagrams started our thinking on how we could expand the teacher’s ideas using a simple format. We discovered that we could easily follow the process and that all ideas counted.

Authentic and personalised learning could also be connected to our POWER vision.