Since 2010 Wairakei Primary School has been using five consistent core values within the school: 

  • Pride

  • Opportunity

  • Whanau

  • Excellence

  • Respect

And together make up the acronym P.O.W.E.R.

POWER can been seen in every classroom and is talked about on a daily basis. We talk about the POWER within each child and how they can use it to enable and assist their own learning.

We link POWER to both learning behaviours and as part of the behaviour management programme.

Staff and whanua reward children who display these values in the classroom and the playground with POWER awards. These awards go into a draw for prizes in the classrooms and POWER assembly.Teachers also acknowledge these values in the classroom so that what we say and do become the habits for positive citizens in our classrooms and community.


Wairakei Primary School Value - Pride


Wairakei Primary School Value - Opportunity


Wairakei Primary School Value - Whanau


Wairakei Primary School Value - Excellence


Wairakei Primary School Value - Respect