Steaming into School


A programme unique to Wairakei Primary School. It is a pre–school programme for children from 4.5–5 years. It is in addition to any scheduled school visits.

The maximum roll is 15 per term. You are required to enrol and then you will be accepted by letter invitation. Do join us for this wonderful opportunity to be welcomed into school.

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Following is some of the fun during Steaming into School. 

Welcome, song and talk


Response activity


Alphabet letter sound 


Making Activity



Steaming into School group off to Library


Librarian reading story


One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is the opportunity for a quality education. Choosing a school for your child is a major decision. It requires a good deal of research to learn about schools and their offerings. Following will help you process a determination to access  the ‘right’ school for your child.

1. How important is Steaming into School visit?

Your child will be exposed to numbers, letters, shapes, and, more importantly, they learn how to socialise. They will have a group experience where they learn how to take turns and become comfortable being separate from you. All of this makes for an easier transition to school.

2. What will my child learn?

Steaming into School provides a place where your child can gain a sense of self, explore, play with peers, and build confidence. Children in school discover that they are capable and can do things for themselves — from small tasks to tackling bigger issues like making decisions about how to use their learning time. Quality schools help children find answers through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.

3. What about learning?

School is all about having fun and acquiring social skills. Children need to be imaginative and to socialise — that's what fosters creative, well-rounded people. To help your child learn language and strengthen pre-reading skills, we play rhyming and counting games and let your child tell us stories.

4. What should I look for during the visit?

Check out the basics: Is the facility safe? Is there an outdoor play area? Are there plenty of age-appropriate activities and books? Is the atmosphere friendly and fun? Finally, do you feel comfortable? You want to be confident that once you drop off your child, they'll be happy and well taken care of.

5. What makes it all a good fit?

First, decide on location — close to work or home? Start by asking for recommendations from other parents and discuss options with your pre-school provider. Meet with the Principal and walk around the school. Compare schools based on vision, curriculum, teacher experience and health and safety standards.

It is always good to ask — we will openly discuss any questions you have.