2020 Ironkidz

A stunning early autumn morning greeted the Ironkidz 2020 participants on the first day of March. There were many Wairakei Primary School students ready to challenge themselves. Featuring the Splash ‘n’ Dash for younger competitors and triathlon events for 7-15-year-olds, everyone was keen to get out there.

The lake was like glass as the mini-athletes entered the water for a 400m swim.

A quick sprint up the beach and on to the bike. It wasn’t always easy to find the right bike!

Then a brisk ride down to the yacht club and back (4km).

The final leg was the run - a full 1km and down the tunnel to the finish line.

Lots of high fives as our students finished the course. They all received a medal, a certificate, and the special feeling achievement as they crossed the line.

Well done to Jovarn, Jackson, Harrison, Ty, Clare, Poppy, Max, Matthew, Cohen, Natalie, and all the other students who took part.