Keeping Our Baby Egg Safe

Rooms 5 and 6 have been learning about keeping ourselves safe.

This is a police initiative and with the support of Constable Tarsh, we have covered areas such as knowing your address and phone number, how to be safe online and respecting our body.

We gave the students the opportunity to take care of a raw egg for 2 days. This was to identify that caring for something else (other than themselves) was a pretty big job.

We began by brainstorming what our baby eggs would need before they arrived. We then designed safe beds for them and used recycled materials to create them. When our babies arrived we drew a face on them and filled out their birth certificates, including their name, birth date, personality and our hopes and dreams for our baby egg.

We soon discovered that it is not safe to leave a baby on the floor. We also realised that babies should not be left alone, so daily egg sitters were chosen for morning tea and lunch duties. Natalie and Ciana proved to be outstanding sitters and confessed they had to read stories to the baby eggs to get them to sleep.

Daisy, Harrison and Ciana took the opportunity to learn about pattern making as they designed clothes and nappies for their babies.

When the Egg Challenge was complete, students were allowed to take their babies home for the Easter break. Returning to school this week, students completed a self-assessment form including positives, negatives and what they would do differently next time.