Welcome to Wairakei Primary School

A friendly, supportive inclusive zone–free rural Taupō community based school, Wairakei Primary School welcomes year 1-6 children from Taupō rural and urban areas.

Our educational mission is simple, yet significant—Wairakei Primary School works in partnership with our community to grow our children into confident lifelong learners. Your child will learn in a supportive environment and caring community. Your child will actively be encouraged to innovate without apprehension, so they can achieve significant success rewarding them with power and confidence for lifelong learning.

Not yet enrolled? Not a problem. We'd be delighted that you join us. The school office will be open for enrolment and stationery information 9a.m.–3p.m.


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WPS 2016OpenEveningPoster v01

Open Evening

Got 'Starting School' questions? Join Us Wednesday August 3, 6-7p.m. to have your questions answered. Read more about 'Open Evening'...

20 hours ago

Web Master

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Room 7 Painting

Taking the time to check out each others work and share ideas.

Read more about 'Room 7 Painting'...

34 hours ago

Leanne Jackson

Baking in Rooms 8 and 9

We enjoyed making banana blueberry muffins to match our "b' sound of the week.

Read more about 'Baking in Rooms 8 and 9'...

41 hours ago

Helen Dredge

Upcoming Events


Assembly Room Seven

5 August 2016 - 5 August 2016



8 August 2016 - 8 August 2016


Whanau Meeting

8 August 2016 - 8 August 2016


Fundraiser Cup Cake Day

9 August 2016 - 9 August 2016