Welcome to Wairakei Primary School

A friendly, supportive inclusive rural Taupō community school, Wairakei Primary School welcomes year 1-6 children.

Our educational mission is simple, yet significant—Wairakei Primary School works in partnership with our community to grow our children into confident lifelong learners. Your child will learn in a supportive environment and caring community. Your child will actively be encouraged to innovate without apprehension, so they can achieve significant success rewarding them with power and confidence for lifelong learning. 

Do you want to enrol? Not a problem. We'd be delighted that you join us.

Please note: Wairakei Primary School is governed by a Ministry of Education established enrolment scheme (zoned).

Please refer to the documents showing the map of the zoned area and a full written description outlining the boundaries and the priorities as to how out of zone students are able to apply for a place at our school.


Sir Peter Blake Award Winner 2018


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Magnets Room 5 2018 03

Magnetic Science

This links to our mathematics focus of giving and following directions and our science focus of investigating to extend our experiences and personal explanations of the physical world.

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23 hours ago

Olivia Graham and Room 5

Nui visit 2018 Aratiatia 10

Aratiatia visits Taupo-nui-a-Tia College

Staff and students (previously of Wairakei Primary School) allowed us to tour the very well-equipped and productive Design and Innovation Centre, looking at learning in action

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24 hours ago

Olivia Graham

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