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Extending the classroom: Happening Now

Keep Learning

< 1min Read

Inquiry more than a buzz word

A student said to me recently, what is inquiry? It got me thinking, have I been explicitly teaching inquiry, or is it just a ‘word’ teachers and educa…
The Arts
5 min Read

We are Special

Room 15 has been sharing ideas about what makes us different and special. 
Mathematics and Statistics
4 min Read

Understanding Time - a Life Skill

The concept of time can be a difficult concept for students to grasp. It is not just about learning to ‘tell the time.’ Understanding when we do thing…
Health and Physical Education
4 min Read

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Small ball skills is an aspect of the Health and Physical Education curriculum and Poihipi students have been mastering these as a team. Students were…
Technology, English, Mathematics and Statistics
< 1min Read

Digital Media in the Classroom

Students use a range of digital tools to share their learning in the senior school. Each student has a Chromebook or a device brought from home (BYOD)…
5 min Read

The journey of who I am so far

Room 4 has been exploring who we are as a person and what makes us who we are. Every child was asked to bring along items that are special to them. We…

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