Welcome to Wairakei Primary School

A friendly, supportive inclusive rural Taupō community school for year 1-6 children.

Our educational mission is simple, yet significant—Wairakei Primary School works in partnership with our community to grow our children into confident lifelong learners.

Your child will learn in a supportive caring community environment. They'll be actively encouraged to innovate without apprehension, so they can achieve significant success, rewarding them with power and confidence for lifelong learning. 

We'd be delighted that you join us.




Please note: Wairakei Primary School is governed by a Ministry of Education established enrolment scheme (zoned). Please refer to the documents for a full written description.

Wairakei Primary School makes it into "Top 10 New Zealand Blogs"

From insightful commentaries on New Zealand’s education policy to lovely classroom blogs showcasing students’ and teachers’ incredible work inside the classroom, there is so much to praise about the New Zealand blogging community.

This lovely state primary school just north of Taupō and close to the Waikato River offers brilliant schooling in a beautiful location - two things which come across strongly within their education blog.

Read more here

Wairakei Primary School makes it into 'Top 10 Education Trends for 2019', Core Education publication.

Ten Trends group had been searching our website for a while and used our 'Modern learning' link to share with schools both nationally and internationally. You can check us out on this link. It is a big thing to be acknowledged for the work our teachers do in the classrooms. It is great to see our students using our concept of 'Learn it Prove it'. It’s such a great concept.

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Future Proofing - keeping our learners ahead of the curve

A big part of that, is encouraging our students to adopt a commitment to lifelong learning and acquiring the skills they will need to succeed in the future workplace, which... Read more about 'Future Proofing - keeping our learners ahead of the curve '...



5 days ago

Paula Farquhar

2020 R5 Calligraphy04

書道 Calligraphy

As well as fine motor skills, there are many other skills involved in handwriting. These include hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, posture, and use of the ‘tripod’ pencil grasp. Read more about '書道 Calligraphy'...

Te Mihi;

The Arts, Using Language Symbols and Text;

5 days ago

Olivia Graham

2020 foley yoyo 04

Using your Yoyo

Ned’s Mindset shares that while yo-yoing is cool and simple, it’s not always easy. Everyone who learns to yo-yo will make mistakes along the way. Read more about 'Using your Yoyo'...


Health and Physical Education, Managing Self;

5 days ago

Jenna Foley , Leanne Jackson and Melissa Isaacson

Room 11 students lining up outside their classroom showing POWER to the other classes

5 ways to show our POWER values when moving

The school wide goal over the past three weeks has been to "move around the school as a class showing POWER". Read more about '5 ways to show our POWER values when moving'...

Health and Physical Education, English, Managing Self, Thinking, Participating and Contributing, Relating to Others, Using Language Symbols and Text;

5 days ago

Claire Smith , Courtney Warren , Fiona Griffin , Gordon Roberts , Jenna Foley , Melissa Isaacson , Natasha Forrest , Paula Farquhar and Tayla Nicolson

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