2022 Interschool Swimming Sports


The small group of Wairakei Primary School swimming competitors enjoyed their time at the Interschool Swimming Sports held in 2022.

Unfortunately our team numbers dwindled as the week went by due to illness. For first time competitors, the experience could be a bit daunting, based on feelings of uncertainty and not knowing what to expect. This is what some of the first time Wairakei competitors had to say about the event.

Before the races I felt like my heart was in my throat. Once the race started though, I just focused on overtaking people - Evie

I was nervous in my first race because it was my first time diving off blocks. I felt better in my second race. After that I felt like I wanted to do more races - Avery

I felt nervous about backstroke but when I got in I was fine. I was proud of myself for coming second in my group - Isa

I came first for both my races and just wanted to do more - Maui

Well done to all the students that competed. You made us proud with your efforts and bravery. Below is a list of results to show top 3 place getters for Wairakei Primary School against other students across the Taupo region.


Maui - Year 4: 1st backstroke 25m, 1st freestyle 25m

Jack - Year 4: 3rd freestyle 25m


Sienna - Year 5: 3rd breaststroke 25m


Pippa - Year 6: 3rd freestyle 50m

Sofie - Year 6: 2nd freestyle 50m, 3rd backstroke 50m


Lizzie - Year 6: 1st backstroke 25m, 1st breaststroke 50m, 2nd freestyle 25m

Wairakei Primary School would also like to say a special thank you to the parents who helped with transportation and supervision at the event. Your time and support is greatly appreciated.

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